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Athletic Performance Socks

The combination of interwoven grip treads, double-knitted soles, and compression upper sleeves is packed into an aesthetic design. They prevent slippage, and injuries while providing absolutely zero hesitation when performing explosive movements.

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MLS Real Salt Lake Midfidfielder - Chris Garcia

Grip Tread

Our specialized ultra thin double pliable grip panels which has been scientifically designed to mimic the contact points on your feet to assist athletes while they are generating maximum force and power output. The grip technology enables our athletes to operate at maximum performance while maintaining game changing maneuverability and utilize the power they are creating with absolutely zero power waste through slippage.

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Adaptive Contours

Our innovative contour technology, allows the socks to shape to each athletes unique foot shape upon wearing them. The high quality stitching process allows the grip treads to be flush and embedded into each sock. This allows for a more natural and fitted feel to our socks as they form around the unique contours of your foot, increasing the effectiveness the grip tread pattern.

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Durability + Stability

Our socks are comprised of specific kitting patterns to offers added support around you foot and ankle. This gives our socks both durability during usage and a stable and comfortable feel. Our patented heel lock tech supports the ATFL ligaments for targeted ankle stability that may reduce injury, in a way that is both comfortable and functional.

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Washing and Maintenance

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